Name: Raffi
Birthday: April 17th

Favourite colour(s): Black
Lucky number: 17
Height: 5’11”
Talents: I’m pretty good at forgetting names the moment I meet someone new.

Last dream you remember: I can’t remember. 
Can you juggle: I can. Am I good at it? That’s another question.
Art/sports/both: Eatings an art, right? 

Do you like writing: Does typing out erotic fantasies count? 

Do you like dancing: I’m that guy at the club who is super obnoxious. I get kind of in my our mental space when my song comes on. I’m sweaty, and gross, all over the place, and completely unsexy, and I wouldn’t want to be any other way. 
Do you like singing: I’ve always said that if I wasn’t me now, I’d be me, but in a 90’s boyband.  


Dream vacation: Japan has always been my #1 destination. Then Turkey, and then New York.

Dream guy/gal: A rude boy that’s good to me, wit street credibility
Dream wedding: Just the two of us. Far, far away from where we’re from. On a deserted isle, or beach.
Dream pet: A Shiba Inu. 
Dream job: I’m not sure yet.
Favourite song: 'I'm With You'.
Favourite album: Wounded Rhymes.
Favourite artist: Tie between Avril Lavigne & The All-American Rejects.
Last song you heard on the radio: Probably something by Ariana Grande.
Least favourite song: Oh god. There are so many, I can’t think of just one.
Least favourite album: I don’t know. The only albums I listen to are ones I like.

Least favourite artist: Bruno Mars.


Guys/girls/both: Really?
Hair colour: Brown or Black.
Eye colour: I prefer dark features, but as long as they have dark coloured hair, then the eye colour doesn’t really matter.

Humorous/serious: You can’t choose one. It’s either have someone who is funny all the time which can get annoying, or someone who is serious all the time which is no fun. This one is dumb.
Taller/shorter: I enjoy being the younger one in a relationship, so I’d prefer someone taller, but if they’re cute, I can do shorter.
Biggest turn off: Someone who takes things way too seriously. I’m kind of a brat, and I say stupid shit all the time. I need someone who is intelligent enough to know when what I say is *clearly* not for real, and who can banter back with me.
Biggest turn on: Someone who can put my in my place. Also, butts.


(Filled in the blanks, and now it’s time to tag six people)

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Frankie, that’s a nice tan, but I’m surprised you get any sun at all considering how much time you spend in… YOUR SISTERS SHADOW! ZING! ZingBot 3000, Big Brother 16
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Avril Lavigne
I’m With You

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Anonymous asked: What's your ethnicity

I’m Armenian.

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Anonymous asked: muslim? if not, thoughts about it?

I don’t understand this question. Are you asking if I’m muslim? No, I’m not. And I have no thoughts about it.

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Anonymous asked: I live in Portland!!!

Lucky duck.

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Anonymous asked: Was just creeping on your blog and didn't realize how PG you've gotten in the last couple months

Life’s gotten really busy. I don’t have as much time on Tumblr as I did before. 

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i just realized that ‘lana’ spelt backwards is ‘anal’.

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Fleetwood Mac | “Songbird

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