Anonymous asked: Yeah, but a nicer ass

i am working on it.

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Anonymous asked: you're armenian so basically you are kim k

with a lot less money, and a smaller ass.

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April 24th, 1915
99 years ago, 1.5 million Armenians lost their lives during
the fall of the Ottoman Empire in an attempt for racial extermination.

It was not war. It was most certainly massacre and genocide, something the world must remember… We will always reject any attempt to erase its record, even for some political advantage.

I’m very proud of where I come from, and am always
humbled when I think about the people whose lives were
taken that day. 

I know I don’t express it as often as I should about
how fortunate I amto be alive today do to the bravery
of my ancestors, but I am, and I will never forget.

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People really need to shut the fuck up with this whole “Avril Lavigne is a racist” bullshit. I honestly do not see the problem.

Is it because she’s in Japan, and she features Japanese dancers? Or, like, her weird cupcake skirt? Have you ever been to Japan before? A lot of young girls wear that kind of crazy fucking shit, but it’s racist if a white woman wears it? Shut the fuck up. You’re only making yourself look fucking ignorant by saying dumb shit like that. Also, have you ever been around actual racism before? Because I’m thinking you haven’t if you think this video is what is considered “racist”.

Yeah, the song is kind of terrible, and music video kind of sucks, but get out of here with that racist shit. It’s like when Katy Perry did they geisha inspired performance of ‘Unconditionally’ and everyone freaked the fuck out.

Avril Lavigne has one of, if not the biggest, Japanese followings when it comes to North American artists. Do you really think she’d fucking purposefully disrespect such a huge portion of her fans?

You’re all fucking retarded, and your opinions are both invalid, and unnecessary, and you all deserve to get, like, mono or something just for thinking that you were allowed to voice your shitty opinion when no one asked for it.

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Anonymous asked: You're seriously too sexy to be single.

tumblr hot, real life ugly.

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Mapei | “Don’t Wait

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Dum Dum Girls | “Cult of Love

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